Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dance Like Nobody's Watching

Oh my. This video brings me sooo much joy. I love it when people just live in the moment. I can't ever image myself cutting loose like this, but maybe someday I will have the courage to dance like nobody's watching.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sweet Nothings - A Thorough Review

So I brought a box of the new no calorie sweetener Truvia to work today and set it next to the Splenda for my peps to try. Truvia is marketed as "nature's no calorie sweetener" made from leaves of the stevia plant. I first heard about this in December while driving to the Miami airport, and since it is a three and a half hour drive, I heard the same NPR segment three times. Not sure why we didn't change the station... anyway.

Normally, I would use raw unrefined cane sugar, but the office has always had Splenda, so I kind of got in the habit of using that at work... and it is delicious. But, convinced that Truvia was better than Splenda I designed the experiment... Well so far I have to say I prefer Splenda. Truvia smells like cotton candy, which isn't a bad thing. They claim that one packet has the same sweetness as two teaspoons of sugar, but it seems to me that it takes more packets to achieve the same level of sweetness... However, maybe I am conditioned to Splenda and sugar, and Truvia is just a different kind of sweetness... We will see; there are 40 packets in the box... I am not sure what others think yet but I have a feeling it is not going to catch on here...

But don't let this opinion suade you from trying it. I will probably try it a few more times myself.

Monday, February 9, 2009

So In Love

Lately I have described my likeness of country music as having an inverse relationship to my intelligence over time. The more intelligent I have become the less I like pop/mainstream country music. Despite my efforts to disavow country I can no longer deny my love for Jennifer Nettles. I love everything from her sweet southern-bell drawl to her powerful vocals; she is the shiz... However. Yeah she looked ridiculous ['ly good] at the beginning of the Grammy's but the getup she changed into for the performance was a huge disappointment, much like the mom jeans she wore at the CMA's last year. (not that I watched the CMA's... I don't like country remember).

Other thoughts on the Grammy's (well so far, I haven't finished watching it yet)... My boy Jay Z and Coldplay dee-livered a ridiculous rendition of Lost. (click here for similar version; the Grammy's version got taken down). Sa-weet!..

Will somebody please stop Lil Wayne... how the hell did he get so popular. Who is telling people that he is cool, because seriously, nobody can actually like him on their own accord. He reminds me of Dave Chappelle's crack-head character on Chappelle's Show.

Kid Rock reminds me of my friends back home... It means what it means. I can tell he is Michigan bred. I feel like I could have graduated high school with Mr. Ritchie. I am not saying I am not a fan, or that I am... But in reality it doesn't matter if you like his music, if you are from the mitten state you like Kid. I remember the first time I heard All Summer Long last year; I just knew it would be the song played every day, on every boat, in every truck, on every dock, at every bar, and everywhere in between around my old stompin' ground... and it was. Cuz it was summer time in northern Michigan...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Have Officially Become My Father

You know how I know? Handkerchiefs. I started using hankies. Well I started about a year ago. I use them because they are not wasteful like tissues. I am not sure why my old man uses them. Probably because that is what old people do/did. Maybe old is the new green... except old industry. The old subsistent way of life is probably the new green.

On days like today I wish I had a sham-hankie; you know like the Shamwow. Super absorbent.